Aboriginal Art

Groot anoniem kleurrijk schilderij - aboriginal art

Afmeting 185x210 (cm)


Today, Aboriginal Contemporary Art is Australia’s most widely recognized and internationally acclaimed art form. Indigenous art’s growth in popularity in local and global markets has seen Australian Aboriginal culture reach out and touch people around the world. As the world’s longest continuing culture, spanning over 40,000 years, these works have offered audiences a unique opportunity to understand the beliefs, customs and rich heritage of indigenous Australians, while sharing in their present. Whereas 30 years ago these viewers sought out Aboriginal cultural objects in museums, today the savvy art enthusiast will find these works in the world’s most prestigious galleries. The question that needs a reply is: Where and when did this shift occur?

Advertentie geplaatst 5 apr 2017

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Ingrid M

2 jaren geleden

What an amazing painting. If you have the space in your house. Its large.... Your room will not be the same anymore....

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